Friday 15 February 2013

Working on a new Sim...

Simone Simons from Epica. I had like zero redheads in my game and her facial structure seemed like it would be simple enough to replicate in the Sims (and I was right--I've been working on her for about an hour now and she looks a lot like her).

For those of you who are like "WHO DAFUQ IS EPICA YO" they are a gothic metal band from...uh. Oh God I forgot.

 Just watch some videos: Storm the Sorrow, Cry for the Moon, Feint (for those of you who are all OH NOES GROWLING), Unleashed. My favourite songs are Storm the Sorrow, Cry for the Moon, Feint, Our Destiny, Burn to a Cinder, and Run for a Fall. If you can't stand the manly growling, listen to Feint, Storm the Sorrow, Our Destiny and Burn to a Cinder. If those have growling it's only for like 2 seconds.

I'll also be making a couple of these poses as well.

ALSO. Does anyone know if there are any thigh high boots that aren't photoskinned and will show up OVER skinny jeans? I tried the ones in base game but those hid under her pants (lulz). GOD.

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