Friday 1 February 2013

About a retexturing tutorial for "dummies"..

Okay so...

 I was thinking of writing up a tutorial using the most simplistic method of doing adjust shine retextures (no EA highlights as I have no idea how to do those). This tutorial would show you how to create the diffuse, control (adjust shine thingy, roots and tips) and specular AS WELL as packaging it all up and such. It wouldn't teach you how to make your hair texture though--I recommend Googling "Hair texture tutorial" or something. I watched one on youtube that was pretty good. Or, like me, you can use one someone already created or get one off Google Images. :D

Of all the retexturing tutorials I've looked at, Shyne's had the absolute quickest AND easiest way of creating the diffuse...and she's apparently the only one who does it that way (it's essentially grabbing your texture, pasting it over the texture you want to change, and hitting the Value button in Gimp. BAM. It literally takes like 5 minutes. Specular takes about 1 minute, and control takes about 10 minutes at most).

Thoughts? I'll throw in a bunch of pictures of each step. :o


  1. I would love to learn how. Please do. :D

  2. So uhm...did you ever make that tutorial? Because I have not yet found Shyne's or yours...

    1. I haven't done the tutorial yet (I forgot about it completely until a few days ago when someone expressed interest in seeing one) so I'll be making one soon.

      As for Shyne's, it's here: