Tuesday 12 February 2013

25 (+1) Follower's gifts: Part one

Cazy's BTSV Revival retextured again. This one seems more...fluffy and less shiney.

I really think this hair fits Jezebel perfectly.

Not sure what's up with the lighting. I switched houses and put up like 9000 light bulbs but it didn't seem to do anything.

Two versions: shine and streaked. Download here.

Now for part two of...part one.

Jezebel Eriksson

This picture is a bit old...I think it was taken a month or so ago. Her features are still the same--though I didn't have the high quality mod on at this time and that hair was before I re-textured it. Also, does anyone know where I got that painting behind Jezebel? I CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE >>>:

I dunno why, but I really like this one so I decided to add it to the pics.

CC used in pictures

  • Bare Naturals eyebrows by Elexis
  • Lipstick, eyes and eyeshadow by Ephemera
  •  My retexture of Newsea's Sweet Slumber, here
  • My retexture of Cazy's Revival, here
  • Sliders (pretty much all of them. Jonha's, ahmad's, aWT's, Delphy... I put them all in one folder, here)
  • 3D eyelashes by Sclub, set 2. 

You will also need a hack that will allow for more sliders+ increase the multiplier--I use Awesomemod at x3 settings. Sclub's will also work.

You pretty much only need the eyebrows, eyes, makeup and skintone to keep the same (well, including sliders) look. She is base game compatible and packaged without cc (she should be at least). Also, you may need to adjust her boobies a bit, depending on the outfits. I noticed in a few they turned into mutant-y boobies so...yeah.

I will be uploading her boyfriend in a bit. Actually, he was pretty much constructed from my Ari on Modthesims. 

And finally, download her here.


As this is the only thing so far I can claim a "policy" towards, please don't claim her as your own. Feel free to use her for anything you want and it's not necessary to credit me in any pictures/whatevs. 

No Sims Exchange, TSR, or paysites of any kind.

AND IF SOMEONE ASKS YOU "WOW SO-AND-SO, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BITCHY LOOKING HAGBITCH FROM HELL FROM" please respond with "BRINGMEVICTORY MADE HER.  U MAD JELLY BRO?" and proceed to give them a link back here if they want to download her. :D

If you don't obey me, you are a cruel, cruel person and you should be ashamed. >>>:

...and I hope your mother slaps you. 


  1. I was looking for one of your hairs and read your TOS and could not stop laughing!! I feel like I should do the Girl Scout pledge of honor before I download your Sim!! Keep up the giggles and gorgeous Sims and retextures!


  2. Lindas, adorei os cabelos, obrigada!

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  4. Delete my last post here is the original from Sunsetsims and a link to sunsetsims shoutbox if you need it


    Windy City all ages

  5. Weee thank you Chedder! I'm not a fan of Becky either but if other people will enjoy it I'll retexture it.

    @Cece: XD I should subject everyone who downloads my stuff to do the Girl Scout pledge of honour...THANK YOU CECE THAT IS A GREAT IDEA! Also I'm glad someone appreciates my weird sense of humour <:

  6. The painting comes with sims 3 supernatural

  7. Anon, thank you. I don't know why I couldn't find it. .-.


  8. Your work is frrrriggin amazing! And I wish I knew where you got HALF of the content you use on your sims. So.. please forgive me, oh great one, but if i may ask.. where can I find that sleep wear you have her in (in the last picture)? Also did you use any particular pattern with it or is that how it comes? I like it BIGTIME!

    PS: Sure, I can assume that if you knew the answers to my questions you would have posted it in the credits.. but just in case..

    I have a couple of requests for you too. Though.. I am but a lowly peasant.