Monday 18 February 2013

Retexture update part 3~ Newsea's Sweet Scar for children/toddlers

Download here.

Adult version is here.


  1. Thank you for spoiling us with all these lovely hair. Are you going to put up Newsea Jessica?

  2. Did you want me to? XD The crazy weird strands of hair all sticking up kinda ruined it for me personally, but I think I still have the file if you wanted it. I'll put it up in a bit.

  3. Only if you still have the file I don't want to put you out in anyway. I know those strands are off putting, it actually took me a while to decide if I wanted the hairstyle. But I feel that I can use it for my less glamoures sims. has the latest Newsea hair to download.

  4. Yeah it'll be no problem to upload. I may actually retexture it again and see if it can come out any less...bland I guess?

    Regarding that new Newsea hair...L.O.L. XD I did actually retexture Becky, but it looked freakin disgusting on my sims I couldn't bear to take pictures of them wearing it. (weird, I know, but dem bangs and huge head)

    This one however looks slightly Yeah. I'll definitely have this one up!

  5. I hate Becky I think of it as Viking hair even the sims that Newsea used look uncomfortable wearing it. The new one is cute but I agree there is something iffy about it. I hope Becky isn't the start of an unrealistic trend at Newsea even their latest free a more natural style looks too big and high on my sims. Even through it is nothing compared to what B-fly is putting out these days. They used to do nicer styles. Two free hairs 42 and 45 (my only b-fly hairs) are a staple in my game. Even with darkish roots and the odd bald spot with 42 that show with darker hair. At least then the roots look alright, they are b-fly after all.