Friday 1 February 2013


Please? >>>>>>>:


OMG 14 FOLLOWERS (not including myself. Just pretend I didn't follow myself).

I shall make you all a gift.

I was thinking of asking Elexis permission to delete the **** out of edit the shirt part off on her Ruffle Truffle dress thingy so it's just the awesome frilly skirt/tutu. That dress is one of my most used outfits although I am in desperate need of more poofy skirt/tutus. HMMMM I MUST DO THIS SOME TIME.

ALSO! I do know how to make poses so if anyone has any requests for those I can (hopefully) get it done. Just know it will take longer than a hair retexture.

Edit: Anonymous requests are accepted as well for anyone who was unsure. :DThere is no limit to the number of requests you can have. JUST DO NOT GO CRAZY.


  1. Jordan McEntaffer1 February 2013 at 13:57

    Your models! I would follow, but I don't have an account, so i have your website pinned on Safari and check it daily. :D

  2. XD Don't worry about it. The whole following thingy isn't really all that important to me. I noticed though that other Blogspots/Simblrs have follower gifts for like...500/1000 followers, etc. I see no reason why I can't give one away with 14. <:

    Also, about my models. Jezebel (the blonde, bitchy looking one)will most likely be the first one put up for download.

    Lenore (the raven haired female)and Aaron (the raven haired dude) will follow after her. The blonde guy, Erik, will be uploaded last as I can't for the life of me fix his face in such a way that he looks good with any hairstyle other than Laplace (which I like better on Aaron so CAN'T HAVE THAT). It could be his eyes in relation to the forehead.. HMM!

    /end babble God I talk so much.

  3. I don't follow you officially just bookmarked in google chrome, Could you retexture Savio conversion of Raon 54?
    If that doesn't work can you do this old rose hair?

  4. Yaw I can do that. I retextured one of my favourite Rose hairs a few days ago and it turned out horrible ( I think it has something to do with the mapping or whatever) so if it turns out nice I'll upload it.

    I'll work on them right now so you'll know in the next couple of hours how it went. :D

  5. Er, forgot to ask. Any preference on brightness/shine?

  6. Tried this one: . The diffuse that it has is curly (which you don't see in any newer hairs) so when I tried to retexture it (I tried several different ways), you could see strands of straight hair mingled in with the curls in such a way it looked horribad.

    I even tried merging just the "texture" bit itself on it, it still had those weird strands. >:

    I do like this hair though so I'll see what I can do about it in 3ds max.

    Onto the next one and hopefully that one will go better >:

  7. :D Your second request is done, just need to take pics and upload it.

  8. Hi, could you please do a retexture of peggy's 723 hair? :)

  9. @ Mint: I don't see it in the Booty. If you can provide a link to the (free) version of it I can try it.

    If it IS a free hair, Peggyzone doesn't load for me so I can't grab it from there--again, if you can provide a link I can do it (well try it at least. Peggy hairs are major borked and have weird maps so retextures can sometimes look horrible).

    1. Yeah, peggyzone won't load for me either on any browser, I thought it might load for someone else...

      And the only place I could find the hair mesh, was on two Russian websites [ or].

      But, I just downloaded it from "".

      I uploaded it to MediaFire:


  10. Okie dokie, I downloaded it. I'm not sure if I have time today to do it, but expect it within the next couple of days!

  11. Heya BMV! I'm a Sims CC addict and I love the shitzu out of your work! Woof! That's it for introductions and now onto requests! (he he he ho ho ho)

    1) Once upon a time I downloaded this AMAAAAZING sim for TS2 JUST as I stopped playing the game and moved onto TS3 (something I totally thought I'd never do). Anyways.. Anubis converted the hair for TS3, and I am infinitely grateful for that, but the detail of the original was left out. So if you could I would LOVE it if you retextured this hair with adjusted shine. Maybe it would motivate me to try my best to make her for TS3.

    the sim (Lucy Darkholm):

    the hair:

    2) I'd roll over for a retexture / adjust shine of this hair, *Short curly hair* originally for TS2 by Lidiqnata (I primarily need it for a female elder sim):

    3) I love these pigtails as it is, but I betcha you can make these even more incredible:

    If you actually took any of my requests I'd be thrilled! If you have a TSR account let me know about it by posting on my guestbook.
    I also just wanted to thank you A TON for putting up pictures of the side and back views of things as opposed to only showing the front. That drives me bananas! ESPECIALLY with hairs.

    Thank you thank you thank yooou!!


    1. Hi,

      All of those hairs are very old, and from my experience no matter what I do with them they will either look worse, or still look like crap. (every older hair I've tried to retexture turns out uggos). So your best bet is to stick with the originals. <:

      I also don't take many requests now either (mostly because I will probably never get around to it as I stopped retexturing when I took up interest in meshing and I am lazy as hell/ playing others games atm).

      If there are any new (well made) hairs that you want retextured, I could give it a shot. It may take a while though as I've got many unfinished projects I need to do. ;-;

    2. Okidoke. Thanks anyway!