Monday 4 February 2013

Skysims 084 retextured!

Okay. I liked this hair at first, until I saw it in game and facepalmed. Egg head syndrome once again. God. Love the top half, front and back...but those curls are kind of ew and I have a chopped/resize version on my long list of WIPs (short attention span, I know).

For those of you like me and want everything RIGHT NOW, download here.

Also. I MADE A THUMBNAIL. LIKE OMG. Well, it should be in there. I have no idea if I did it right. I checked and it showed up for me so...

Forgot to mention--POLYCOUNT IS HUGE. 18k approximately. Use at your own risk.

Edit: I should add... FIRST SKYSIMS HAIR WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY ISSUES OMG. That I've seen at least. Also mesh is included.


  1. run the package over s3rc (the decompressor from MATY, that will lower it some :))

  2. ...d'oh. I knew I forgot something. THANK YOU!

  3. I do the same thing. I always forget! This hair look AMAZING.

  4. I wish it wasn't so wide and the view from the side is...weird. Looks great from the front and back though! :D

    I have an edited version in the works but I imagine it'll take me some time. I hate 3ds max and milkshape. .-.

  5. What does the "high polycount" actually mean? What does it do?

  6. Side view clearly shows why I hate Skysims and all floaters because I run on a less powerful machine these floaters don't come near. Anon: I'm not sure what number equals high poly, it just means the higher the polycount the more stress it puts on your computer. It might crash your game. I can run some high poly through so it is just worth trying.

  7. I have a pretty good computer and I can run my game with Coolsims's Zoey Deschannel hair (it has 25k poly)without slowing, so this didn't slow my game at all.

    However, for people with decent computers, I see 15k as being "use at your own risk" type files and anything around 10-13k as being pretty good. Of course, anything lower than that is awesome. It's fine if you want to use it to take pictures at least, but for long periods of extended play time expect crashing/slowness.

    @ Chedder, yes I agree. I love the hair from the front (well, maybe not so much the curls) and even from the back...but the side view is horrid. When I saw the hair at first it got me excited as I thought I'd finally found the perfect hair for Jezebel.


    1. Don't go near Skysims long hair, the short hair are normally all right especially the older ones. Having Sunsetsims down is awful. I really hope that they will come back. I've been looking for cazy latest pay and found this
      I just wish someone would put Newsea Chuck up I really think it is a great short hair but no one else seems to think so

  8. Ughh the hair porn xD, thank you soo much its lovely <3 <3

  9. OMG CHEDDER I LOVE YOU! I wanted that hair so frickin bad! *stops everything she was doing and retextures it* <33333333333333

  10. *triple posts like a boss* If someone gets Newsea's Chuck, I can retexture that one for you. :D