Wednesday 13 February 2013

Elexis' The Lucky One retextured!

Yuuuus, I got Elexis' (s?) permission to include her mesh with the retextures, so here they are! I scrapped two ideas. (rainbow came out super weird)

For some reason, my textures look amazing on this hair. I didn't do anything different than usual so I'm not sure how...Suppose it could be the uv map or something. WHO KNOWS.

There are 2 versions: streaks and shine. 


Download here.

Mesh included and they're all standalone so you can have my version and Elexis' or any other retexture.

Credits go to Elexis for the mesh (and Asari for the textures which I have edited--GOD I KEEP FORGETTING TO ADD THAT)


  1. So you're not gonna upload the rainbow one? :(

  2. I can attempt rainbow again if you'd like. My first few tries at it for this hair came out super uggo.