Tuesday 26 February 2013

For Mint: Peggy 723 (or whatever freakin' number it is) retextured!

Sorry for the wait. :3

This mesh, considering it is a free pretty much bork free as far as I can tell. It's still stupidly high on the head, but looks sooooooooooooo much better with this texture. Ugh, Peggy roots are just bad. And before you say "Everyone's roots are darker than the rest of the hair!"

Well yes, this is true. My hair is a very bright, natural auburn--my roots are about half a shade darker than the rest of my hair. It is not however 1000000 times darker than the rest of the hair, like how Peggy does it. It just ends up looking greasy and ugh. And again, before you say "OH IT'S THE IN THING" Well, I personally don't give a fudge about the in thing, so this is what you get--more natural reds and blondes with 33% less grease. :D

Please note: I had to reduce the forehead size and raise eye height to get it less huge on my models, so adjust accordingly. Also. My texture does indeed look a helluva lot better than Peggy's, but do note it doesn't look as good on it as it would on newer hairs.

Click on the pics for a bigger size. Download here.


  1. It looks great, thank you! C:

    Someone should make a forehead height slider, if there's not one already...

  2. Well there's the head shape slider by Jonhas on modthesims. I use that in conjunction with the eye height slider.

  3. Oh ehm gee! Thank you so much for this! :3 This has always been one of my fave little hairs, and it was in DESPERATE need of a retex! Thanks again! :D