Wednesday 6 February 2013

Cazy's Agnetha Retextured!

Three versions this time! Shine, streaks and rainbow! :D

At first I was a little intimidated by the rainbow thing, so I had a peek at Poseidon's textures and it turns out all you do is make the diffuse and the control rainbow coloured. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.

So I present to you Cazy's latest Agnetha hair retextured in 3 different ways! I'd like to thank Chedderprime for giving me the link. <:

Teen-elder has all 3 versions, and child and toddler only have shine (if there is enough demand I will add rainbow and streaks for the young'uns--right now I'm far too lazy...despite the fact it only takes 5 minutes, max. <<<:).

I will be going back to Cazy's Revival and a few of my other retextures to add streaks/rainbow versions as well, so keep an eye out for those!


The rainbow version isn't fully re-colourable, however you can make some cool effects by dinking around with the tips, etc. Mesh included and you can have all versions in your game at the same time.

PLEASE READ: In order to get the best rainbow colour, make sure you Sim's hair pallet colour is set to something light--like blonde.

Download here. Toddler, child and adult (streaks, rainbow, shine) are all included in the zip. It's about 17-20MB, compressed. Forgot add...for those of you who want the files downloadable separately as it is a rather huge file, let me know and I'll put those up.



  1. I really like your model, she's very pretty.

  2. Can you upload the blonde's hair color? It is just beautiful.

  3. great job, i love every version

  4. Thanks guys (went a little crazy with the purple tips in the rainbow version but whatevs). As for uploading the hair colour I use for blonde...hmm. One moment and I shall have that for you.

  5. Tak!!! though this hair was already great but you just made it your own here

  6. I like being able to retexture hairs now instead of relying on others to do them, as I know what I want and I can make them to my specifications (not too shiney, needs a grainy look). And now my specifications require the inclusion of...RAINBOWS ON EVERYTHING.

  7. To the anon who wanted Jezebel's hair colour: I have no idea how to "upload" a hair colour, so I'll give you the numerical values. Please not this colour will only really look awesome with my retextures. You may need to brighten/darken the highlights and tips depending on the hair.

    Roots, r,g,b :255, 207, 184
    Base, r,g,b :255, 207, 184
    Highlights, r,g,b: 255, 216, 201
    Tips, same as highlights.

  8. GOD. note*

    Why can't we edit comments? .-.

  9. Ooh, that's a gorgeous texture, thank you ^^

  10. You may want to note that the thumbnail in-game is very plain looking, it was hard to spot but super worth it! Looks beautiful on my sims!

  11. Yeah I tried making a thumbnail for it but it never shows up except in s3pe. .-.

  12. great texture and shine, I really love the shine near the tip of her bangs :) yours have become my fav hair retextures lately

  13. Thank you, I'm glad you like them. <: