Monday 25 February 2013

Cazy Sorrow request in progress...

 The texture blend is looking super sexy on it. YAY FOR CAZY HAIRS AND BEING WELL MADE! Also planning on streaks and rainbow  (rainbow turned out crappy so that's on hold for now).

Minor adfly hating below

WHY DO SO MANY USE ADFLY JESUS CHRIST. Don't you need like 10000 pageviews of that adfly page? Even with the uber popular creators it looks like they don't get more than 5k downloads. What is the point then when you're putting people's computers at risk and you're not even making the 5 bucks?

Apart from the dumb ass wait times (especially downloading multiple items) I personally haven't had any issues from adfly due to my antivirus blocking all of the ads--however apparently that's not the case for everyone.

Oh well. Just my two cents on the matter.


  1. I have an adfly skipper on Firefox its called skipper 4.0. Just copy the link over to Firefox (assuming you are not using Firefox) and it will skip through adfly. I normally don't use it with Sunsetsims but after a trojan scare today I'm upping my security surfing habits and won't be just clicking through these things anymore even for Sunsetsims. Now if you excuse me I'm going back to drooling over Jensen Ackles.

  2. O_____O Jensen Ackles? Are you a Supernatural fan and please say yes.

    Also I shall start using that. I don't know why creators don't just stick a Donation button on their page--it seems they'd get more money that way.

    1. I love Supernatural. And because my public broadcaster sucks so we are only on season 6, (just seen Sam get his soul back.) so can't really talk plots for later seasons. Dean's my favourite but I normally like both brothers but Soulless Sam got a bit much for me. Just going to have to see what will happen now that he has his soul back. As for Peggy she/they/whoever were creating since sims 2. They may have felt enough. But they should have kept their site working.

    2. I finished up season 7 a few months back, and I have to say I'm glad they're still making them.

      Castiel is without a doubt my favourite, although I like Dean quite a bit too. Sam has always been a bit "meh" for me and I especially hated it when he was soulless.

  3. I go through countless adfly links and I don't get any malware warnings.I have CoolNovo(web browser)with Adblock plus which takes away the ads leaving a white screen, but the download link is still loading up so I still have to wait through those stinking 5 seconds. I don't like Firefox, but I need it for certain websites but even it isn't working for Peggyzone, I just can't get on that site anymore T_T.

  4. I think Peggy quit creating so maybe her site has run out of bandwidth or something.

    Also I tried out that adfly skipper 4.0 and it skips through the 5 second wait, so I recommend installing that if you can bear Firefox ( I love it).