Saturday 2 February 2013

Tumblr (and apparently something about Kamelot)

WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE ONE OH GOD. The community seems rather terrifying. <<:

Well, I guess the Sims community in general is terrifying. To make this post less random, I present to you...

AARON PICTURES--More specifically...OF KAMELOT POSES....that I would've released but for f***'s sake I can't fix the eye in the Tommy Karevik pose. For people who don't know Kamelot, they are an American Power metal band.

For the longest time I had a crush on Roy Khan--for like 12 years to be precise; Now I'm drooling over Tommy Karevik. Swedish? Check. Muscles? Check. Singer? Check. F****** FIREFIGHTER!? HELL YES. Unfortunately the newest album left much to be desired but holy **** Tommy is still manlicious. If that wasn't a word, it is now.

This is Tommy Karevik, and one of the poses I tried to make.

However the left eye is being super Derpy Hooves on me NO MATTER WHAT I DO so I imagine I'll have to redo it or something *takes a breath*. GOD I TALK SO MUCH.

For those who want to see him sing, here. That facial hair *-*

Sorry for the ultra weird brightness in most of the pics. It became a full moon just after I took the first picture. .-.

When I finish them up I shall put them up for download. :D

Edit: Jesus I need to remember to crop my photos and make a collage or something to reduce the time it takes to load my damn blog. .-.

I think I also have some Epica and Amon Amarth poses too, so keep an out for angry vikings with axes studly men poses with crossed arms.

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