Wednesday 13 February 2013

Site layout... like the last time I did html coding was in like grade 9 and that was 6 (?) or so years ago so bear with me while I figure out  how to have little clicky tabs for hair retextures, sims, endless demented babbling, etc. Unfortunately my brother is pretending he doesn't know how to do it (I know he knows how to do it--he's in video game design) so that means I will have to do it myself.

Which means we may see the second coming of Christ before this happens. Unless someone here knows how to do it? I suppose I could google it but ugh. SO MUCH WORK YO.


Edit: added labels to posts so you can use the search box. I apparently forgot to do that. <:

For best searching, I recommend just using 'hair' or 'retexture' or even the creator's name (i.e newsea, cazy, rose, skysims). You can also just type in the hair name (i.e, windy city, agnetha). I apologize for the inconvenience. I AM A NOOB AT THIS.

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