Wednesday 30 January 2013

Blue retextured

Mesh not included as per Lapiz Lazuli's wishes. Download the mesh Here. Retexture here. Child version is here.

NOTE: There are two guaranteed ways to have my texture override his. One, read here for the override folder explanation (THIS IS A NEWER, SIMPLER AND LESS BAD EXPLANATION WITH A PICTURE SO PLEASE READ IT IF YOU COULDN'T FIGURE IT OUT FROM MY EARLIER CRAPPY EXPLANATION).

The second way is to go into s3pe and export my textures (the IMG files) and replace Lapiz's with them.

I will explain how to do this here. To do this you will need s3pe, my retexture and Lapiz's mesh. Download s3pe here.

Step 1: Open up s3pe, go to File > Open, and open up my retexture. There should be only IMG files in the list. In order to see the IMG tags make sure you have all of the same tags checked as I do in the bottom of this picture here ( it won't zoom in too well so mainly Display Names and Tags are what you want checked). Also, make sure to go to Settings> Enable dds preview and make sure it's on. To the left of Hex button at the bottom also make sure Value has a little blue dot the circle. If it doesn't, click it.

Step 2: Find out which IMG is the Control, Diffuse and Specular. This is easy. The above picture is of the Control. When you have that highlighted, right click > Export>To File and call it something like "blue_control" or whatever and save it somewhere where you can find it. Make sure to save it as a .dds file.

The Diffuse is the light grey image on a trasparent background. The picture below. Do the same as you did for the control, save it and name it whatever you like.

The specular is the darker IMG, below

Export it, name it. Ignore the last two IMGs.

Step3: Open up Lapiz's Blue mesh in s3pe. Now what you're going to do is replace his IMG files with mine. Click on the IMG files until you find his control then right click>Replace and then browse for the control you saved earlier. Do the same with the diffuse (the light grey IMG) and specular(The black/grey IMG).

Step4: Once you've replaced his IMG tags with mine, you're done. Hit File, Save it (name it something descriptive like lapiz_lazuli_blue or whatever. Make sure it's a Package file, and then throw it into your Package folder.

This method will work for my Laplace and Night Springs retextures as well.

Or, you can dump the mesh and retexture in your Package folder and hope the retexture shows up in game. :3

Let me know if you need help.

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