Monday 28 January 2013

About Requests

Okay so I've decided to take requests for a bit, although just know that it's not a 100% guarantee (especially with older hairs as I really only know how to retexture, not fix meshes yet). Post your requests here (in the comments section) with the name of it and preferably with a link (especially if it's donation, so gimme a free link).

I'll see what I can do! I have anon comments turned on? If I don't, oops. I'll check.

Edit: Anon comments is now turned on. Sorry about that XD
Edit 2: Sweet baby Jesus. Do they have all of the annoying settings on by default? Word verification for commenting? I'm sorry I had no idea this shit was on. XD; Please let me know if there are any other pain in the ass settings turned on and I will fix it. 

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