Saturday 26 January 2013

Cazy's BTVS Revival V2 (!??!)


So this is one of the retextures I did for Cazy's Buffy hair (I think it's a Buffy hair) and I think it turned out pretty good, perhaps a little shinier than I would have liked (at least for darker hairs). I did about 3 different retextures for it and all of them are stupidly shiney so I will update it in a bit when I discover the perfect specular for it. (It's a pain in the ass fixing it in GIMP and then putting it in my game, waiting 10 minutes for the stupid thing to load ONLY TO DISCOVER IT IS STILL TOO SHINEY .-.).

Until then, have my (least) shiney version, using Asari's textures for now. Keep in mind that in CAS with darker colours it may look super shiney; it's not as hardcore in live mode (note the raven haired model).


(I have limited photo editing skills at the moment so please don't laugh at me while I work on my presentation.)

Let me know of any borkage

...not that there should be borkage.


  1. This is the best looking retexture I've seen for this hair...Good Job!

  2. Thank you! I personally think so too. Asari's textures give an actual "hairy" look to hair I think instead of shiney flatness with a lot of textures; I'm finding now though it can also add a greasy look to different hairstyles (Night Springs, I'm looking at you)so I'll have to keep dinking around with it to find the perfect blend.

  3. The hair texture looks amazing! Great retexture!

  4. Lindo, eu adorei, ficou perfeito, parabéns!

  5. Sooooooo pretty (^-^)