Saturday 26 January 2013

Upcoming Retextures

 These hairs are being b****** and refuse to look good with this texture BLAJSJHDSDGHFHD STUPID SPECULAR. Tbh Lapiz Lazuli's texture on Night Springs currently looks a helluva lot better than what I've been able to do with it so far. I wish I was consistent. Oh well, practice makes perfect and I've only been retexturing for a week. .-.

Oh, also. For those who haven't noticed yet: I only do adjust shine (or whatever the hell version is produced when you do it Shyne's way. It looks adjust-shiney so I'll just call it that). I've followed many different hair texturing tutorials and hers is quite frankly, the best; It doesn't drone on endlessly; it's easy; it's well written. So no EA highlights in the future from me unless someone wants to give me a hand (as in, send me a crap ton of pictures AND a well written explanation for dummies). 

Edit: Also I'm working on like 9 other retextures 'cause I'm bored, including: Newsea's Vera, Paulina; Coolsims Zooey Deschannel (WHOA POLYGON COUNT HOLY CRAPCAKES); Lapiz Lazuli's Blue and a couple of Peggy hairs (WHOA CAN WE SAY BORKED MUCH!?)

I'm trying to retexture hairs no one else is doing to get some variety going as there are like 9000+ retexturers out there already. XD

Edit: ALSO my version of Newsea's Endless Song can be found at Cstyles .


  1. Jordan McEntaffer30 January 2013 at 22:26

    Who is the first sim you have with the blond updo? Can I have her? she's beautiful! I won't repost her or anything, or if you already have her uploaded somewhere, could you share where at?

  2. That is Jezebel, and I haven't uploaded her anywhere yet. I plan on sharing my models in a bit--just gotta round up her cc. :D

  3. Jordan McEntaffer31 January 2013 at 22:15

    Awesome! Can't wait till you start to post them. All of your models are gorgeous!