Tuesday 29 January 2013


So I tried retexturing an old Peggy hair, 844, which is my absolutely favourite Peggy hair and on the plus side, it is one no one has done yet (I recall seeing 844 done by Marie Atoinette but the download link is no where to be found; Eternila has done 845--without the wisps). And the wisps (why does everyone remove them D:) was my favourite part of the hair so I took the matter into my hairs...

And oh God, GROSS.

Guess I'll stick with Eternila's version 'cause whoa, dafuq is up with the mesh? GAWD. Also I think it's also missing morphs and LODs too? .---.

On the off chance that you read this, Marie, and you still have your version of 844, I would love you forever if you upload it again. It was awesome. >>>:

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