Thursday, 28 February 2013

Newsea's Ladder to Heaven retextured!

I had this one done for a while, although I decided to apply my new texture to it.

I plan on 2 other versions (streaks and an experimental one) so I shall update in a bit.

Download @ Cstyles

Requests go here

Okay, so I figured I would make this the official "Put Your Requests Here" post and have it labelled so it will show up on the side to make it easier to find.

No limit to what retexture requests you have, just don't go super crazy.

A few "rules" to keep in mind

  • If it's a pay hair, I require a free link. Again, this goes for a hair that may be otherwise hard to get (like from Peggy's site now as it won't load for me).
  • Specify if there's a specific retexture you'd like (rainbow, normal shine, streaks, or some other random crazy thing I may potentially be able to do).
  • Know I do have a little bit of a "life" so expect it to not churn out instantaneously. 
  •  You can usually expect it within a day to a week at max (unless I forget, in which case remind me as I have the attention span of a pencil)
  • Cool people are shown favouritism

Put your requests in the comments. :3

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cazy's Sorrow retextured!

Not sure what's causing the lower half of the hair to lose a lot of the texture. >:

Oh well, here you go. Retextured for all ages.

For Mint: Peggy 723 (or whatever freakin' number it is) retextured!

Sorry for the wait. :3

This mesh, considering it is a free pretty much bork free as far as I can tell. It's still stupidly high on the head, but looks sooooooooooooo much better with this texture. Ugh, Peggy roots are just bad. And before you say "Everyone's roots are darker than the rest of the hair!"

Well yes, this is true. My hair is a very bright, natural auburn--my roots are about half a shade darker than the rest of my hair. It is not however 1000000 times darker than the rest of the hair, like how Peggy does it. It just ends up looking greasy and ugh. And again, before you say "OH IT'S THE IN THING" Well, I personally don't give a fudge about the in thing, so this is what you get--more natural reds and blondes with 33% less grease. :D

Please note: I had to reduce the forehead size and raise eye height to get it less huge on my models, so adjust accordingly. Also. My texture does indeed look a helluva lot better than Peggy's, but do note it doesn't look as good on it as it would on newer hairs.

Click on the pics for a bigger size. Download here.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sorrow preview

Not too happy with the lower part of the hair. It lost some of the curl effect so I'm gonna see if I can fix it a bit.

Cazy Sorrow request in progress...

 The texture blend is looking super sexy on it. YAY FOR CAZY HAIRS AND BEING WELL MADE! Also planning on streaks and rainbow  (rainbow turned out crappy so that's on hold for now).

Minor adfly hating below

WHY DO SO MANY USE ADFLY JESUS CHRIST. Don't you need like 10000 pageviews of that adfly page? Even with the uber popular creators it looks like they don't get more than 5k downloads. What is the point then when you're putting people's computers at risk and you're not even making the 5 bucks?

Apart from the dumb ass wait times (especially downloading multiple items) I personally haven't had any issues from adfly due to my antivirus blocking all of the ads--however apparently that's not the case for everyone.

Oh well. Just my two cents on the matter.

Cazy's Demonic retextured for all ages/genders


For all ages and mesh included. You can have my version and any other. Download here. 

Working on Cazy's Demonic hair...

I would have uploaded it yesterday but I apparently did something that made the hair go BOOOM. Attempt # 2 in progress, hopefully with 33% less BOOOMage.



I'm not sure what I blew up originally, but I fixed it! :D

Note: You can play with the shininess quite a bit. I don't know what it is, but with Cazy's textures dark hair always looks like super shiney shit...which I guess is why she only shows light colours. With mine though, light thru dark looks smexy. <:

Preview (still working on the female, toddler and child versions):

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Does anyone have Cazy's new Demonic hairstyle? I will have your babies (Okay well not really but still).

 Er, forgot to mention: TSR (among other scummy paysites) have trackers in their files so if you don't know how to remove em, keep them to yourself or somehow give it to Sunsetsims so they can remove them and not trace the sharing back to you.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Newsea's Skyscraper retextured! UPDATED LINK

Download here. You can have my version as well as any other. LINK IS WORKING NOW. I swear to God if the same bitch who reported Marie's version is gonna try the same...HEADS WILL ROLL. AND TESTICLES WILL BE FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM YOUR BODY. (although I'm guessing if you're falsely reporting mediafire links you probably have no testicular fortitude to start with). <:


Newsea's Skyscraper request in progress...

I really like Marie's version, so I may uh...take inspiration from her. <3

Also. Minor rant.

Has anyone noticed the serious lack of actual...tutorials for cc making? Like good, in depth tutorials? Like for clothing for example. It seems like they use the most basic examples--which is great when you want to do a tiny adjustment or whatever starting off, but it's useless for bigger projects.

 And then the responses you get when you dare ask them a question about <:

Why are so many people Grade A douchewaffles?

Newsea's Ice Fruit (unwillingly) retextured!

This hair was requested.

I hate this hair. The back? Sure. The bangs/wisps? DAFUQ WAS RIHANNA SMOKING!? It is Rihanna, right? Anyway...

Trying out my new texture blend and I'm loving it (is that trademarked by McDonald's?). Not too much shine, and lots of detail. I think this one beats out any other. <<<:

PIC SPAMMAGE (apologies for the lazy pictures. I was playing the game normally and was too lazy to switch to my other save).

One version, adjust shine. For toddlers, children and adults. Download here.


My brother for teaching me how to blend images in photoshop
Creators of the cc I use

An annoyance I must share:

What is up with all of the lame ass names for hairstyles? Ice Fruit? Jessica?  094? How about...naming them after cool song titles? Like..Destroyer of the Universe? Living Dead and Undecided? Cruelty Games? Bring Me Victory? Chasing the Dragon? I don't know about you, but if a hair was named "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" I'd sure as hell download it just for the name alone.

God. If I ever become a hair creator, I call dibs on Destroyer of the Universe. 

A bit of babbling:

Also. So as you all can see, I have my Sims email out in the open (I only use it to answer questions/take requests--it is not my official one so I don't recommend trying to hack it--there is really no point).

I don't really understand the point of having spam sent to it. I mean, are people really that stupid and if they see a "CONGRA2UL8TIONS YOU ONE 90000000000000 DOLLARS CLICK HERE" they actually click it? Lulz. It's been up for about a month now and I get about 15 spam messages a day that go straight to my spam folder that I will never see/click on.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Trying out a new texture...

It's a blend between 3 different textures--Asari's, Pooklet's and my own. I personally think it looks a lot better and it's much more detailed.


Still need to brighten it a bit, but I think it looks great.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Why do people like the Sims 2 again? <:

Anyway... I was bored so I decided to actually play Sims 3 instead of working on cc. Honestly I can't stop taking screenshots of Aaron. .-.

Why is he so sexy.


Should I get a Tumblr for all of my non download related crap? I really don't want to but I suppose it can be irritating as all hell to sift through my downloads and random babbling.