Tuesday 5 March 2013

Skysims 092 at Cstyles btw...

Totes forgot to mention that :3


Also...To Tumblr or not to Tumblr... :/

I HAVE NO INTEREST IN SEEING PIXELATED SIM PENIS/VULVA/PORN SO PLEASE TELL ME THAT IS NOT ALL THERE IS TO TUMBLR. I may consider it, if only to put up random pictures of my sims doing stupid things/and put my previews there to cut down on spam over here.

I'm making one. >:

Edit: Oh God the setup is confusing. Any Tumblr gods have any advice for a noob?

My Tumblr :3

I'm irked there is no (free) basic black template. I DO NOT WANT FRILLY, GIRLY TEMPLATES. ASFGFGHHLHj   

On Tumblr what does Submissions > Let people submit posts mean? :o


  1. Manatopia has some black themes here:

    She does have some frilly girly ones too but she has a few with black backgrounds. Some use hints of orange others have red. I use hers called "Twilight". I know. If you get past the name though it's actually nothing related to the movie/books just what she calls it. But I like this one because it has red and black and I like those two colors together.

    I don't use Tumblr really though. I only made one so I can follow people who do prefer it and know when they've updated something. If you ever see my page you'll notice just images of my story banners are on it and that's all :P

    Good luck with your Tumblr.

  2. I got my theme from here (4 pages with themes to choose from):

    They're easy to change / setup to your liking, with backgrounds, pics and stuff. The user interface setup is really great, much better and easier as compared to the "normal" Tumblr page setup.

  3. OH GOD! I love you both. Thank you :3

    Anyway my blogspot will be my main thing and I'll just use Tumblr to post previews and random Sim pictures.

    *looks through all of the themes*

  4. Oh wow...I even like a lot of the girly themes. What to choose! XD

  5. Your page is shaping up :) LOVE the violet!