Saturday 16 March 2013

An update: Working on requests and Cazy's Artificial Love

I haven't been feeling too great lately (I know, what is new? :3) So I've been a little slow with the updates and hair retextures. Atm I've got a couple of "projects"--one being my Simone Simons 100 Tumblr follower's gift...which may be a little preemptive as I have been stuck on 81 followers for the past few days. Oh well, no big deal. When I get it done I will release it.

Tumblr is where my "spammy" posts will be from now and I plan on keeping my blogspot up for actual downloads (apart from Tumblr gifts, but I'll post those here too). So if I haven't posted in  a bit, look for me there. I have anon asks and such enabled so you don't need a Tumblr :3

Isn't this hair awesome? :o For those of you who can't wait, here. That is the link to Cazy's original hair. I plan on streaks, EA and rainbow for this version (I know I've been slacking in the rainbow department--I'm sorry).

So yeah. A bit ill as usual, but I'm feeling better today :3


  1. Ooo! That is a great hair, can't wait for the retexture.

  2. I can't wait either, Your retextures always look so realistic.