Saturday 2 March 2013

Newsea's Pepper Mint preview...

A side and a back view to give you an idea of what they look like since Newsea didn't show them. Gonna try a different texture on it to see how it turns out. ANYWAY I LOVE THIS HAIR O_O


  1. Are you doing all ages? I'm just wondering if I should download the original for the children/toddler categories. Personally I'm very suspicious when they don't show all angles, I keep on thinking what have they stuff up?

  2. Yeah I have the one for all ages so I shall be doing that. I'm too lazy to ever take toddler/child pictures but I will specify if I have or haven't done a retexture for all ages (well, I hope too anyway).

    With Newsea or Cazy it doesn't worry me TOO much as they seem to grasp basic meshing, but if it's Skysims doing it, then you know there are transparency issues and hideous gaps. :3